Restlessness, The 9th Fetter


The Restlessness of the 9thfetter will arise after the last subtle sense of ‘I am’ or ‘I exist’ has fallen away. In this fetter, you’ll be able to witness first-hand how the fetters created the sense of self. You will recognize the restlessness. It has been there all your life, continuously re-creating the illusions which would collapse like a house …


Finding awakening Step by Stepyour travel guide Maybe you are in a similar situation in your life as I was, when I finally found this path to awakening? You searched for so long, and yet awakening didn’t occur. Now you want to wake up no matter what? Miraculously, when I had decided to find awakening, the right information crossed my …


Ignorance, the 10th Fetter


Ignorance is the 10th and last fetter on the journey to awakening. With it, the last assumption falls away that veiled the awakened state.     What does Ignorance mean? We have been ignoring the truth because we didn’t like it. Most interestingly, ignoring the truth can return even after it was seen what truly is. When the last sense …