Find Awakening
in this lifetime

End Seeking and Find awakening

You are a serious spiritual seeker who is dedicated to awaken.

You want to experience the peace and freedom awakened teachers of all centuries talk about for yourself, but no matter how hard you try, awakening eludes you.

You tried to get it by reading books, you tried to 'catch the virus' going to satsangs and retreats but you seem to be immune.

'What if my number isn't simply up yet?' you thought, 'if all else fails, I can still awaken in another lifetime.' 

How to find awakening

It is possible to awaken and you don't have to wait that it happens somehow magically. There is a proven path to awakening.

I know, it sounds strange. Other seekers went on this path and found awakening and so can you. 


Christiane’s guiding through the fetters to awakening was a turbulent journey. She always knew how to lead to clarity and support me on my very personal voyage of discovery.

I had never thought that this deep peace, embedded in joy is possible. Tanja

In my free introductory course ‘The Key to Awakening’, you’ll see that you already have everything you need to awaken.

A warm welcome!

My name is Christiane, I am a retired physician and psychoanalyst.    

If there is nothing more important for you than to awaken, you are in the right place. I will mentor you in dialogues and groups so you can reach your goal. The model I am using is the Buddhist model of the Ten Fetters, ten assumptions about experience which cover up what truly is. I am looking forward to travel the journey together with you!