Finding awakening

Step by Step

End Seeking and Find awakening

Find awakening in this lifetime, knowing exactly which step to take next and how to do it.

Experience the relief when the heavy burden of a separate self falls away and enjoy the peace and freedom of no longer arguing with yourself, others and the world.

Do you want nothing more than to awaken spiritually but no matter how hard you try, it eludes you?

You sat on the cushion and meditated for countless hours. You joined satsangs, read books about awakening, listened to different teachers on YouTube, yet nothing changed? You still feel that there's a ‘you’ somewhere inside, in control of everything, thinking, deciding, acting and meditating. 

Maybe you had blissful glimpses into everything being one, but the glimpses and the bliss passed and you are back to experiencing borders between yourself and everything else? And the worst of all, you don’t feel good, maybe you would even say, you're suffering?

How to find awakening

In my introductory course "The Key to Awakening" you'll see that you already have everything you need to find awakening. I'll show you how to use it.

The Key to Awakening

A warm welcome!

My name is Christiane, I am a retired physician and psychoanalyst.    

If there is nothing more important for you than to awaken, you are in the right place. I will mentor you in dialogues and groups so you can reach your goal. The model I am using is the Buddhist model of the Ten Fetters, ten assumptions about experience which cover up what truly is. I am looking forward to travel the journey together with you!