Finding awakening

Step by Step

Videos about the Inquiry into the Ten Fetters

Anthony Sharkey made an interview series with me about the ten fetters. You will hear about the Buddhist model of the ten fetters (assumptions), that are in the way to awakening. Follow my own journey through the fetters and pick up some hints for yourself when I talk about how I guide seekers through the different assumptions.

The password for all videos is: buddha

Interview One – Overview

Interview Two – Finding Certainty

Interview Three – The First Taste of Freedom

Interview Four – Fetters 6 & 7, Exploring the Nature of Reality

Interview Five – Fetter 8, So you think that you really exist?

Interview Six - Fetters 9 & 10, Being liberated

In Anthony’s channel you will also find interviews with the founder of this method, Satyadhana Kevin Schanilec, and Anthony talks with several other people about their experience of working in the fetters.

A warm welcome!

My name is Christiane, I am a retired physician and psychoanalyst.    

If there is nothing more important for you than to awaken, you are in the right place. I will mentor you in dialogues and groups so you can reach your goal. The model I am using is the Buddhist model of the Ten Fetters, ten assumptions about experience which cover up what truly is. I am looking forward to travel the journey together with you!