Let the Pandemic Spark Awakening

You might find the title strange, how can a pandemic spark awakening? There are so much fear and suffering everywhere, you have to deal with your family being at home all the time, or you might be totally on your own which is very challenging as well.

Maybe you’re afraid too that your parents or grandparents might fall sick, or in your immediate family is somebody who is at high risk. It feels like the archetypal plagues have hit us.

This time reminds me so much of the time when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. I was flooded with fear, it felt like all the fears anybody had ever had when hearing the word “cancer” had gathered to consume me.

I couldn’t believe it. After having devoted 40 years to my spiritual path, nothing had changed. I was suffering. And I realized that I was still spiritually sleepwalking.

It was the turning point in my spiritual search. A way showed up that finally led me to peace and liberation.




Let This Be The Turning Point That Sparks Awakening for You Too


Do you also think that you should be further ahead on your spiritual path but you just don’t know how to get the ego out of the way?

I can help you remove the layers of the egoic self so you too can be at peace. When all the layers of the self are gone, all resistance to what is happening disappears as well. You will be at peace, even if you or somebody you love will catch the infection and possibly die. And you can help everybody so much better to come to terms with it.




The 7 Steps to Awakening

You don’t have to wait for the stars to line up in your favour, or your number is up. You can actively do something.

The self consists of different layers which the Buddha described in the model of the Ten Fetters. The fetters describe the different self-layers and how and why there came into place.

When all layers are peeled off, the awakened state is left.

The layers of the self are done away with in 7 steps


The steps are:

  • It is clearly seen that there is no ME thinking, experiencing, deciding or acting.
    Now you know for sure that this path is working, clinging to rites and rituals becomes impossible. This step is the eye of the needle. Once you’re beyond this step, the path to full awakening has opened up. In early Buddhism, this step is called ‘Stream Entry’.


  • Seeing that there is no driving force (desire or aversion) that makes you react. You’ll feel content independent of the circumstances and can respond without any emotional charge.


  • Resolving the subject-object split that created the borders between you and everything else.


  • Realizing that what is experienced is not an outside world that is perceived inside of you. It is clearly seen that everything experienced is insubstantial, impermanent, and that time, space, and consciousness are just concepts.


  • The last sense of ‘I am’ or ‘I exist’ dissolves. No sense of personal identity is left, not even that of being a Buddhist, a man or woman.


  • Here, you finally come to terms with the fact that there is no such thing as something substantial to hold onto or stand on, nothing permanent or reliable, and that there is no way to always feel good.


  • Now the view is free on what was ignored. Seeing what truly is, the final knowledge arises, and with it the knowing that the work is done, and there is no more coming into being


Is this what you’re looking for? Let’s chat.






Lotus:  pieonane

Steps:  Broesis

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  1. I have read your explanation about How To Dissolve The Assumptions of Desire And Ill Will it is possible to do this steps into first fetter inquiry?

    For example:
    step 1: Problem – I’m looking at the computer screen.
    step 2 : I’m intoning “I’m looking at the computer screen”
    step 3: stay in the gap

    1. Post

      Hi Rob,

      you’re right, basically the first step also has a gap. It is the gap between looking and the assumption of “I” am looking being added.

      So the gap would be, intone “the lamp is seen”. Then watch and wait whether an I appears (a real one!) that looks.

      When you take the sentence, “I’M looking…”, you would be already on the far side of the gap.

      That said, experience shows that working in the gap doesn’t have as much success in the first fetter as it does in the fetters of desire and ill will.

  2. Hello Christiane, This morning made your acquaintance on Nothing Media with Noel. Resonated with everything you spoke about. Felt relieved that of course there is something that can be done to the non duality approach. Have downloaded the complimentary course offered. Look forward to the next step. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Dear Paulette,

      yes, something can be done, we don’t just have to wait until our number is up.

      The next step would be to see through the self-illusion, the idea that there is a ME that thinks, experiences, decides and acts. As I said in the live stream with Noel, I no longer guide in this step.

      You can find help on http://www.liberationunleashed.com, they are specialized in the first step. After that, we can continue together.


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