The Most Important Tool To Awaken

In this video, you’ll come to know the most important tool to awaken. It’s not a tool only a few or very special people have, everybody has it already. You only need to use it.

Awakening doesn’t mean that we reach a special state and need extraordinary talents to do so. Awakening means that we awaken from the dream that is woven from all the ideas, interpretations and assumptions we have about what is experienced.

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How to Use the Most Important Tool To Awaken

So how do you do that, discerning experience from the thoughts about experience? How do you know the difference between the two?

It is very simple. Everything that is not seen or heard, that can’t be touched, smelled, or tasted is a thought.

Try it out:

Close your eyes.

Imagine an orange, lying in front of you on the table.

Look at it. Which color does it have, is the orange deep or rather pale? Are there green patches? Does it look like there are soft spots? Are the pores fine are less fine?

Then pick the orange up. Feel the weight in your hand. Smell it.

Take a knife and peel the orange. Feel the slightly sticky juice running over your fingers.

Then take a piece and eat it. How does it taste? Is the orange sweet or rather sour? Juicy or dry?


Where is the orange?

Did you say, it’s gone? Was it ever there?


Apply the Tool to Awaken

As you can see, it is easy to know what is actually experienced and what is only thought of.
Now apply the tool to awaken.

Where in your body does it feel like there is a ‘ME’?

Which sensations are connected to it?

Explore the sensations. Can a ‘ME’ be found in these sensations, or are the sensations just sensations and the interpretation ‘This is me” is added to it?

Write your findings down in the comments.

Here you find more information about how to see through the self-illusion. 

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