What Is Needed for Awakening?

What is needed for awakening

Do you sometimes wonder what is needed for awakening? Are there necessary requirements to see through the ten fetters to awaken?

In this podcast, I will answer 3 questions:

  • Is it necessary to have meditated for a long time?
  • What is personality and is it constructed by the fetters?
  • Do you need a teacher or a spiritual friend to awaken?

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Is Sitting Meditation Necessary?

Sitting meditation is a rather broadly focused method. Some basic skills in focussing are necessary and meditation will help with this. The focus doesn’t need to be overly strong though. You need to have the ability to not get lost in thoughts for 5-10 min. and explore what you are actually seeing and hearing.

Does The Personality Change Upon Awakening?

The personality doesn’t seem to be affected by seeing through the ten fetters. When I meet the people beyond the fetters, they haven’t changed their personality much. Yes, they don’t resist experience any longer, they don’t react and most importantly don’t suffer. My partner says I have become a much nicer person. But my basic personality is still the same. I am still introverted and I still like a regular rhythm in my days, for example.

Is It Possible To Awaken Without A Teacher?

Yes, it is possible and know several people who did. Most people tell me though, having at least a trusted friend with whom you can share your experiences will be helpful. I was very glad to have Satyadhana Kevin Schanilec as a guide, who created this method. My mind freaks out quickly when something unusual comes my way. I hadn’t known that before, the alarm goes off loudly and creates a lot of fear on the path, and I am ever so grateful for the support I got from Satyadhana and many friends on Facebook.

What is your experience?

Let me know in the comments about your experience, did sitting meditation help you to awaken? Did your personality change through the work in the fetters, and would you rather go on the spiritual journey with a friend or guide or on your own?

If you’d like to be supported on your journey to awakening, join my Facebook Group Finding Awakening Community. There you can ask me any question you might have and also participate in the live trainings I give and watch the recordings of my past Facebook lives.

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  1. Christiane,
    The flow of the podcast covering these three questions felt reassuring and was very helpful to address questions that arise in my mindstream. So much is made of personality, meditation, and spiritual teachers in our culture. “The be all and end all”. Meditate long, Fix your personality, Hand it over to the teacher. Your continual pointing out through inquiry, through the senses opens to: don’t react; don’t resist, don’t suffer. I’m grateful. Thanks for answering our questions.

    1. Post

      Dear Mimi,
      thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad that the podcast is helpful and that you found this approach working for you. It’s really all about simply looking for yourself. Nobody else can awaken you, it’s yours to see the truth “with your own eyes”. :-)

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