Finding awakening

Step by Step

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Coaching on the Path to Awakening

This coaching for people on the path to awakening.

Are you on a path to awakening and getting into trouble? Here you can book a video session with me. We will find out what is happening, so you can overcome the difficulties and continue on your path.

Also, if you'd rather be guided face-to-face, you can book the sessions here.

We will meet on zoom, you choose for how long you want to talk to me.

 30, 45 or 60 minutes sessions are available.   

Where Am I?

You’re not sure where you are on the path and what the next step would be? We can find out together and I will recommend you the best way to continue. 

I’m Having Strange Experiences

On the path to awakening, strange experiences can happen and you might not know how to understand them. Maybe they are outright frightening

Tell me what you experienced, no matter how weird it sounds. You are moving beyond thinking, thinking cannot grasp these experiences. I know them and will help you to move safely through these phases.    

I feel like a live wire

Maybe your sleep is disrupted, the energy in the body very high and more or less often your muscles move unvoluntarily? Energetic phenomena are appearing frequently on the path to awakening. These energies support the awakening process. I will help you to work with instead of against them.   

‘Leading my life’ doesn’t work any longer

Is your memory failing and the thinking no longer as fluid as it used to be? You can’t use discipline and volition as you did before, knowing that they are just thoughts? Your to-do list doesn’t get done? You don’t know any longer how to ‚lead your life’? When you are awakening, life is no longer lead by thoughts but rather by intuition. I can support you in settling into this new way of living and give you tipps and tricks for the transition period. 

My feelings are overwhelming

Are you overwhelmed by feelings or a trauma surfacing that aren’t resolved yet? This is something nearly everybody on the path to awakening experiences. Already after the first step, the falling away of the assumption that there is an ‘I’, the string to which all the old feelings were attached to like balloons is cut. Now these feelings surface and you are experincing them. The stronger the sense of an I lessens, the less unresolved conflicts and trauma memories can be held away from experience. On the path to awakening, you simultaneously developed valuable skills to deal with these feelings and memories. I will show you how to use these skills for resolving the issues. 

Everything seems pointless – there is nothing anyway

Many experience phases on the path to awakening when everything seems to be pointless. Nothing being real, neither the world nor you…. what is the point of living? What is the purpose of it all? Do you feel like this? I can help you to move through this nihilistic phase and come back to life. 

Everything is One, yet I am still Getting Angry

Maybe you followed a non-dual path and deeply realized that everything is one. Nevertheless, in certain situations  you are still reacting with irritation and anger, rejecting what is. It is as if you are again separated from others and the situation, everything seems to be substantial, and it feels like you could change it permanently so you will be happy.

This reactivity often hangs on for a long time on a path to awakening that works with the question ‘Who am I’ or ‘I am consciousness’. Maybe you know teachers who are recognized for being awakened, yet they can become quite angry.

It shows that there are still assumptions in place and there is something more to be realized. In the method the Buddha taught, two steps are dedicated to inquiring into desire and ill will. It is a straightforward way to resolve reactivity and the remainders of the assumption that there is a separate world outside of you to which you can or should react.

My Partnership is in Trouble

In the meantime, your view of the world changed in a way that you don’t know how to communicate it to your partner, and you have the feeling you have grown apart? With desire being seen through, your sexual drive isn’t as it used to be?

These difficulties can be overcome and I can help you to find solutions.


Choose a date and the duration of the session, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. After you booked the session, you can pay with your credit card or your paypal account.

My time zone is GMT/UTC +1

Should you not be able to keep the appointment, you can cancel it until 48 hours before the date and time and I will refund the money. If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, there will be no refund.   

In case there is no session available on the planner or your time zone doesn't allow a session, please contact me so we can make an individual arrangement.

Session Fee:

30 min.       65,- € 

45 min.  97,50,- €

 60 min.    130,- €  

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A warm welcome!

My name is Christiane, I am a retired physician and psychoanalyst.    

If there is nothing more important for you than to awaken, you are in the right place. I will mentor you in dialogues and groups so you can reach your goal. The model I am using is the Buddhist model of the Ten Fetters, ten assumptions about experience which cover up what truly is. I am looking forward to travel the journey together with you!