Is There a Choice?

Video Is there a choice

Do you think, “Of course I have a choice. I am making choices each and every day. Otherwise, how would I be able to run my life?”  Or are you part of the fraction who say, “No, there is no choice.  Everything just happens?” In today’s video, we are going to look more closely into choices and whether or not …


What Is Needed for Awakening?

What is needed for awakening

Do you sometimes wonder what is needed for awakening? Are there necessary requirements to see through the ten fetters to awaken? In this podcast, I will answer 3 questions: Is it necessary to have meditated for a long time? What is personality and is it constructed by the fetters? Do you need a teacher or a spiritual friend to awaken? …


How To Dissolve The Assumptions of Desire And Ill Will

How to see through the Assumption of Desire and Ill Will

The Assumptions of desire and ill will are the fetters 4 and 5 in the Buddhist framework of the ten fetters. They show up after the self-illusion is seen through and address the question: Why are we reacting all the time? In case you’re wondering why we are already at fetters #4 and #5, with the self-illusion, doubt and clinging …


How To See Through The Self-Illusion

The Self-Illusion is The Eye Of The Needle The self-illusion is the eye of the needle on the path to awakening. Once the self-illusion is seen through, the awakening process will unfold whether you are actively contributing to the process or not. The Buddha emphasized often how important this step is. He said that when you have seen through the …


Awakening Is Simple

You have been waiting for awakening so long and did a lot to reach it, can it really be true that awakening is simple?  It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? When I thought about awakening, I always was in awe. That was so far away! I looked up to Prof. Nagaya, my Japanese Zen master in the 70ies. Would I …


The First Step to Awakening

The first step to awakening is probably the most courageous one. Without being able to know what “awakening” actually feels like in actual experience, you are starting a journey into the unknown.   Imagine Awakening is possible Imagine for a moment that full awakening is possible. Not in an unknown future, not in another lifetime, but in the next 1-5 …


Why Am I Not Awakened?

Find Awakening

 What Happened That We are Not Awakened We are not awakened because we don’t like what is actually there. We’d rather always feel good, have something secure to hold onto and live in a reliable world. Unfortunately, these things are simply not available. Since we can’t take ‘no’ for an answer, interpretations of what is experienced where created. They make …